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Why summer in the Costa Blanca is special

The Jacaranda tree in Denia Costa Blanca
Why summer in the Costa Blanca is special
The magnificent Jacaranda tree. From its tropical and sub-tropical native soil in Mexico, South America, Cuba and the Bahamas the Jacaranda tree has established itself as a most welcome part of the flora here in Spain. It is, for ten months of the year, unremarkable and unassuming.
In May and June it bursts into bloom with its resplendent display of vibrant lavender blossom. Like a fanfare it ushers in the warm summer mornings when the sunshine streams in through open windows and doors.
Like the human ex-patriots from other parts of the world the Jacaranda has made a home here and become integral and vital to this highly prized micro-climate. Up until recent times it would be seen only in wild and random spots in the countryside, it’s seeds dropped by birds migrating from much further afield. It is fast becoming a much prized part of our gardens and rightly so.
Orba valley in the Costa Blanca
The climate and environment are perfect for the Jacaranda. They prefer sandy soil with good drainage and they love to bask in full sunshine. They grow fast and up to a majestic 60 feet tall with a span just as wide. As it grows it’s spreading branches can fill your courtyard.
All you have to do is choose your spot wisely and, in the beginning, regular watering with drying out in between. Regular pruning is essential in early spring. Lopping off the smaller branches encourages one main trunk and regular trims prevents it from splitting. Remember when choosing your spot that the flowers when they drop will need to be raked up, if not they become slimy as they decompose and can be damaging to the surrounding garden.
 One can’t imagine a nicer chore than an hour with a rake in the shade of this simply stunning tree. It’s splendour can make you stop in your tracks and will always put a smile on your face.

When the jacaranda tree blooms in the spring,
And purple blossoms fill the sky.
I hear her and the angels when they sing,
Somewhere in heaven, way up high.

An extract from a poem by Juan Olivarez
This exquisite tree made such an impact on us when we made our move to Spain that we decided to give our business it’s name. In exchange for taking that liberty we give, to all of our buyers, a jacaranda sapling and sincerely hope they will watch it mature and become more beautiful for many happy years in their new Spanish home.



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    I have a tiny bush jacaranda with small fern like leaves at the top. I love it! Will it grow safely in Houston, TX year round with our sprinkler system? How about freezes? It’s only 16″ tall now.


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