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Why is everything 20 minutes away?

Why is everything 20 minutes away?

Working with a European client is fantastic as you get to see how people live in their own countries. They often say to me whilst visiting the beautiful area where I work “Rob you say everything is 20 minutes away” and they normally have a little chuckle. It´s true I do say it a lot and on reflection it would not be if we had traffic!

Most of our clients are in their 40s-60s and have a hectic life at home.

Sleep for 6-8 hours, children and school runs, getting to work and/or running their businesses and spending 20-50 hours per week behind the wheel of a car! I now see why people chuckle and find it impossible to picture when I say I can be anywhere in 20minutes. Nevertheless it’s true!
You will love the freedom of a lifestyle change that’s for sure. People will have visions of endless sunny days, a fabulous swimming pool, walking into the nearest town or village for a vino and tapas near the sea but they don’t seem to focus on the things that they don’t want i.e. Wasted hours sitting in traffic! I know what my stress levels were like when I had to join the rush hour every day!

Snow traffic
So after you make the decision to relocate and before you decide on the exact location in sunny Spain, consider this – everyone arrives in Spain thinking of sandy beaches and the beautiful coastal towns and the hustle and bustle, restaurants and bars. Altea, Calpe, Moraira, Javea and Denia are all ideal for this and for nearly five months of the year they are full of people there for their summer holidays, and guess what, they all have cars!!

They are wonderful places to visit and we love to go regularly to join the holiday atmosphere, but we also love to come home and leave the crowds behind. Come inland by 20 minutes (yes, I did say 20 minutes!!) and I will happily show you what 95% of people never find, simply by not stepping outside the box!  This is real Spain

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